A homestay vaction in Coorg can provide a breathtaking experience as this district is set amongst misty hills and valleys, lush forests and amazing plants and animals.

Your Coorg stay will undoubtedly include chances to explore the fascinating ecology of the area, which is quite varied and features many different types of flora and fauna. In fact the variation is quite different to most other areas of India making it a fantastic place to visit.

Coorg is a part of the Western Ghats, which is a mountain range running 1,600 kilometres north to south along the western edge of India. The district is considered an environmental hot spot due to its fragile environment and efforts are being made to ensure it retains its natural beauty.

A stay at the homestay shall include opportunities for visitors to explore the abundance of beautiful landscape in a sensitive and eco-friendly way. Homestays allow guests to soak in the natural beauty of Coorg  without damaging the environment.

Visitors will encounter other features in the district of great natural beauty such as the Iruppu Falls and Abbey Falls.