Responsible & Sustainable

Tourism has provided us with the opportunity to visit many places over the years providing much pleasure and inspiration through the discovery of new destinations. However the downside to tourism has been an increase in pollution, waste and the disruption of local societies.

Eco-tourism in Coorg is an important aspect of maintaining the beautiful environment of ecologically fragile Coorg. To that extent many measures have been put in place to ensure this relatively new form of tourism is organised in a responsible and sustainable fashion. And Homestays are one of the best form of eco-tourism.

The concept of homestays helps to reduce the requirement for large scale hotel building, whilst also providing visitors with the opportunity to stay and connect with local people. This enables the visitor to gain a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.

For example trekking into the reserve forests offered by some homestays are restricted to ensure not too many people are disturbing the environment at any one time. Biking and water rafting are particularly popular, whilst guided walks through the plantations are also of great interest to visitors.

Stay at the homestay and you shall be contributing to protecting the unique environment of Coorg.