The Plantation Experience

Visitors to Coorg may wish to stay at one of the coffee plantations, which provide a completely relaxing vacation unlike any other. There are many places offering accommodation in and around the plantations.

Due to the large number of plantations in Coorg it is said that in season the area smells like a large coffee shop, providing a very aromatic welcome to guests. Some of the world’s best coffees are produced here through a variety of plants like Arabica & Robusta.

In terms of the aroma and beautiful sight of flowering coffee bushes, March and April are probably the best months to stay at a Coorg coffee plantation. It is in these months that the plants display snow-white blossom, which produce a magnificent fragrance for plantation guests to wake up to.

Once the blossom has turned in to berries the bushes, which are perhaps chest high, will be cropped with the fruit then pulped, whilst the dried coffee seeds are dried and sent to the curing works. Coffee is a big labour intense industry in Coorg and seeing the plantations provides a fascinating experience for visitors.

Various options are available to visitors wishing to stay at a coffee plantation as there are reasonably valued homestays in Coorg. The plantations are an ideal location to distress and enjoy a quiet relaxed atmosphere, whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the birds.