Coorg offers many unique experiences compared to the rest of India including the traditions and customs of the local people.

The locals are well known for being extremely hospitable and will hold community feasts, with the favoured delicacy of pork prepared in vinegar made from wild berries. Even though they follow Hinduism, the people will serve meat and offer liquor at most of their feasts as will any true home stay in Coorg.

Weapons play an important part of Coorg tradition with a festival completely dedicated to them called Keil Podh, and the Puttari harvest festival is opened up with the firing of guns. Visitors staying at a homestay in Coorg should not be alarmed by this,  as a shot is also fired in the sky to signify the birth of a new born son or two shots for the death of a Coorg .

Marriage ceremonies are quite different here too, compared to Hindu weddings elsewhere,  Coorg(Kodava) Weddings are conducted by elders and not a priest. A mother is held with high regard in Coorg society and will be the first to bless a newly married couple, whilst a widow is permitted not only to attend weddings and festivities, but may also get remarried according to her choice.

The River Cauvery is held in the highest regards by the natives, who also worship nature and revere the earth, moon, fire and sun.