Coorg epitomises the increasingly popular idea of eco-tourism, which provides an exciting adventure for those interested in participating. Essentially eco-tourism offers people the opportunity to seek out scenic yet hard to access areas such as rain forests or mountains, and this fragile bio-diverse area has plenty of these features.

Eco-tourism is after all welcomed here as it can turn out to be the best seasonal income generating activity for the local Coorg people.

The concept of eco-tourism in this region should help improve the income and living standards of the local people either directly or indirectly. The revenue generated from these means that resources can be provided for the protection of natural resources and help the local people.

This form of vacation or trip has become very popular for people interested in environmental conservation. Eco-tourism in Coorg will provide visitors with exciting trips to places such as Nagarhole National Park, Brahmagiri Reserve Forests and other fragile biodiverse places, whilst ensuring that the eco-system is not disturbed in anyway.

The key for anyone visiting this area is to respect the landscape, the people and their customs. Eco-tourism in Coorg can hopefully ensure that future generations will enjoy the same misty hills, lush forests, flora and fauna, and breathtaking views of the valley as people are doing today.