Ethnic Attire

The traditional attire of the natives now worn mostly on occasions is not really seen elsewhere in India and is a unique traditional heritage of Coorg.

The Coorg women for example wear their sari in a different way in that they tuck the pleats in the back as opposed to the front, which is how ladies elsewhere in India wear them. This loose end of the sari known as the pallu goes around the back over the right shoulder, and is either tied in a knot or a beautifully crafted pin is used on the right collarbone to hold it in place.

Men wear a traditional long black, button less V-neck coat that extends below the knees, with short sleeves, which they have worn long before the days of tourism. Coorg men also sport an ornamental dagger called a peechekathi, which is normally tucked in the coat’s tasseled silken sash at the right side.

Mande Thuni is the checkered red headgear worn by the men and a red sash adorned with a gold brocaded border. A sword called Odikathi may also be tucked in the sash at the back on special occasions like weddings, which visitors should see as part of their experience of tourism in Coorg.