A stay at a coorg homestay will surely give tourists a good taste of many local delicacies, as the locals are well known for their love of good food and drink. Coorg cuisine is very much influenced by the town’s history and culture.

Food is locally sourced and the dishes prepared will very much depend on the ingredients available or the different festivals at any given time of the year. The locals are very hospitable so even guests staying at Coorg homestay will be welcome to join any family for a meal.

The valleys of Coorg provide plentiful supplies of rice, which is used in much of the cuisine here. The preferred choice of rice in this part of India is Sannakki, which is a fragrant grain the locals are especially fond of in preference to Basmati.

The local favourite is pork prepared in a Pandi curry and added to a breakfast of Kadambuttu, which is a ball shaped rice puttu. Most Coorg homestays will probably serve this dish, so it is well worth giving it a try to see why the locals love it.

The dishes served at Coorg homestay is generally non-vegetarian, with meat, fish, crabs and chicken either roasted, fried or grilled. Meat and chicken is often curried with locally grown cardamom, pepper, bamboo shoots, herbs and condiments. Vegetraian cuisine is also served on request.