Do’s & Dont’s

With more and more tourists coming to Coorg it is important for all visitors especially those in homestays, to respect the area as well as the local culture and traditions. Here are a few tips to guide visitors staying in a homestay:

  1. Remain polite and considerate towards your hosts
  2. Talk to your host family and find out more about them. They are friendly people and will happily tell you about themselves and their culture
  3. Ask your hosts if they can arrange for a guide to take you sightseeing and on trekking tours.
  4. Whilst on guided tours or trekking, always carry plenty of water and sun screen with you, and wear a hat/cap and sunglasses especially in the summer months.
  5. Ask if you can take some coffee beans or other produce with you as a souvenir of your stay.


  1. Play loud music and upset your hosts and other guests.
  2. Go out without letting your hosts where you are going, and when you will be back.
  3. Stay out very late at night, so check with your hosts what time they like to lock up.
  4. Keep asking for meals and beverages at odd times. Remember, at many homestays can always hit the kitchen yourself.
  5. Take things from the property without asking first.
  6. Go on treks alone and without a guide.

These are all common sense statements but well worth reiterating as Coorg is home to friendly people happy to welcome visitors who appreciate their livelihood and culture. It is therefore important to remember to be considerate to the host family, but most of all enjoy the experience of life in this unique and wonderful place.