Many visitors to Coorg will say that a homestay is much more exciting than staying in a hotel as you can experience typical local life.

There are several benefits gained from taking a homestay vacation in Coorg, not least of which is that guests can enjoy the company of their hosts with excellent home cooking, and will be treated just like members of the family. Here guests can taste authentic home cooked food, which will be different to that served in restaurants and hotels.

Homestay hosts usually make the best guides when it comes to exploring Coorg as their local knowledge means they know the ideal places to visit and at what times.

The hosts are normally very helpful and will make a special effort to arrange trips and activities that are of particular interest to their guests. This might include a trek through the coffee plantations, attending a festival or a visit to site seeing place, a traditional marriage or even a  hockey match. The people of coorg love field hockey.

At the same time guests can have their Privacy. How much time guests spend with their hosts is entirely up to them, as some may choose just to join them at meal times. However, visitors to Coorg can gain great knowledge about the area, the people and the customs through talking to their hosts, with some happy to keep in touch when they return home from their stay.