Real Guests, Real Reviews !


  1. Reviews are entertained only from people who can prove that they actually stayed at the accommodation.
  2. To prove that the they have actually stayed we allow only those people who have personally made the reservation to post reviews.
  3. The Reservation Number is a unique number, which is dynamically allocated every time someone makes a reservation.
  4. Only 1 Review is allowed against each Guest Name and Reservation Number

That way, everyone is assured that the review left is by the actual person who made the reservation, visited and stayed at the homestay.

Please Note: Reviews that contain expletives, are targeted at demeaning the owner or insulting any individual, company or service provider will be purged. Yes, if the guest is not satisfied with the services provided at the homestay, they can leave constructive criticism. Mention clearly what did you not like about you stay. No reviews will be entertained for cancelled reservations or no-show. Any guest trying to post multiple reviews, will get their access to the site blocked and all their reviews purged. Any serious allegations and claims in reviews – such substandard food, exorbitant rates for extra items, unclean rooms, saw a wild animal near the room, etc – should be backed by photographic proof(take a video or pic with your phone and send it to us), so that we can investigate the allegation, penalize the homestay and issue the guest a refund, if the allegations are found true. Otherwise the review will be purged.