Group Booking (Group Friendly Homestays )

GROUP BOOKING: Some Homestays want only "groups" to make booking at their homestay. If guests are looking to have a full house/all rooms/dormitory for themeselves, then search here and it will list any full house bookings available. Minimum 6 Adults required for group booking.

Please Note:The SYSTEM will only show up properties that are still available to be BOOKED for the Dates you CHOOSE. All Sold out Properties for the Dates Chosen are automatically removed by the system and will NOT SHOW UP.

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Please Note: Better to make booking well in advance for long weekends and in Season. Everything usually gets sold out before 2 Weeks for long weekends and some seasons.

Season[as per the booking pattern noticed on our system]:
Long Weekends = Mad, Mad and more Mad Rush
September 15th to January = Seasonal Rush
April to May = Seasonal & Big Rush
June to September 15th = Low Rush