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Abbi, Location: Madikeri, North Coorg

Price:  Rs 400

Total Bedrooms & Bath On Offer: 5 Bed, 4 Bath

Homestay Description

Abbi Homestay is a No-Frills homestay with 3 Rooms ( Each Room has 2 Double beds and attached bathroom) in the heart of Madikeri city near Abbi Falls road. All Rooms are neat, clean and spacious with a Common Hall catering to the budget traveller. The homestay can accommodate 20 Adults comfortably. The house has independent access for the guests.

Rooms & Beds Rooms & Beds
3 Spacious Doublebed Rooms. Each Room has 2 Double beds.
Tariff Tariff
  • Per Person: Rs 400 per person
  • Children: Complimentary for 1 Child below 10 years of age, in their parents room. Children above 10 years are charged as adults.
  • Maximum Occupancy: 20 Adults on multiple sharing basis


Food Food
  • Price includes Rooms Only. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is offered on Request. Menu Card is available in the homestay.
Check-In/Check-Out Time Check-In/Check-Out Time
  • Check-In: 12.00 Noon
  • Check-Out: 11.00 AM
Check Availibility & Reserve Online Check Availibility & Reserve Online
  • Click Here to Check Availability & Reserve Online
  • Reservation Process: Check the calender to see if the dates are available. If so, you can go ahead and make the reservation. Once the guest completes the reservation, the homestay owner is alerted by the system. Your book is confirmed in real time as the inventory is updated by the homestay directly.


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good hospitality

Feb 27, 2014 by Roy
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: Feb 2014 

Visited abbi mid Feb for a 2 days short trip to coorg. Its more like a 4 bhk with hall and dining in the front, where Mr. Uthaiah, "who can also speak good hindi" has his dining and sofa with TV. Its a nice place for the price with basic amenities, but when it comes to hospitality it is 5 star. He cooks good food and is very helpful in all ways. The place is little away from madikeri town but if you have a vehicle then its the best budget stay. Not to forget the panda lab jimmy, v playful n obedient. All in all a pleasant 2 days experience. Thanks Mr. Uthaiah, you were d most jovial n fit person for ur age that I came across in whole coorg.

Home away from home.

Dec 30, 2013 by BALAJI RAMASAMI
Visited In The Month Off: December 25,26,27 

Mr.Uthaiah takes care of all your needs like making food as required when your child falls sick. His enthusiasam and prompt service with a smile will make you overlook small inconveniences which may pop when you stay away from your home. In short, it is a perfect for families with a tight budget who want a safe, friendly, and a good place for enjoying Coorg.

Home Away From Home

Oct 16, 2013 by Ajay kumar K.G
Visiting From: Erattupetta , Kerala • 
Visited In The Month Off: 12 th October 2013 

Our family visited the place on 12 OCTOBER and we stayed there for 3 days . we are really amazed because of the welcome receive by a strong gentle man . The Home Stay is situated in the heart of the city,the location was very beautiful.
We were really surprised to see JIMMY (Pet Dog),well disciplined,attractive and also merged with us.

The Home Stay also very beautiful , clean , and neat and also the rooms are at cheap and the best. The owner of the house a strong old man MR RAJU UTHAIAH he is a man of 63 years old and he is a retired Mechanical Engineer and also he is busy with his works from morning to night . The wife of Uthaiah sir have the same spirit .
When we arrived at the Madikeri and ask the home stay,the people say they don't know the home stay but its a trap . please call the owner Mr Raju Uthaiah sir he will explained the route and idea about the location of home stay .

The peoples who are running the home stays should learn Uthaiah sir,a great person and a his wife also . We miss you too a lot .

It's a wonderful place to stay , orange country, Coorg and also a wonderful person we ever meet warming personality . " GOD BLESS YOU ".......Thank You For Everything.

Excellent place to stay at Coorg

Sep 12, 2013 by Sumit
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: August 

We a group of 5 visited the place on 9th August and we stayed there 2 nights. I would really appreciated the welcome we received by a strong old man (calm , cool and gentle Mr K C UTHAIAH). He is very much active guy at his age and his moto is guest is god. We got a nice service and really quick and at reasonable price, I can say.
The other best part was, you come out of the room and you will witness the beauty of nature. You can see the whole city view from top. It was really nice and amazing.
Food provided was very good and you wont get any problem here in your stay. Liked it too much. Appreciate your service Mr.UTHAIAH !!!

An excellent house for a reasonable price

Jul 23, 2013 by Sandeep
Visiting From: Chennai • 
Visited In The Month Off: July 

We visited Coorg in a very rainy month of July 2013. The house was a very comfortable place to stay for the 13 of us at a very reasonable price. The house should be perfect for a group of 16.

The house owner K C Uthiah provided a great service. He can speak in 14 languages and would switch to any language you spoke with him! He used to speak to us as if he knew us for years :-D All the things we asked were served very quickly. The man is a miracle for his age :-)

We had an initial hiccup though. Although, the house owner was responding every the time when we called, he had not given us the address. Also, after we reached Madikeri to ask address, he did not pick up for a long time. On enquiring an agent in Madikeri, he too told that he did not know of the homestay as it was not registered. At that moment, we did feel that it was a fraud. But then later when he picked up, we found that the address was a difficult one and he explained the route to the driver. It seems the owner was busy with some work. So, don't get worried on such cases!


Excellent Home Stay at Abby Homes

May 27, 2013 by Mahen
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: May2013 

Last weekend we have visited Coorg and had wonderful homestay at Madikeri.The service rendered by Gentleman Mr. Uthaiah at the age of 63 was too good. There is no words to say about his hospitality, we felt like staying in some relation house.With smiling face and without hestitation he is providing the service for everyone . I don't think anybody else will provide such kind of service.Also, the food served by him is very delicious . One instance I want to tell about his honesty. We have missed one of our hand bag in his place ,he has called in the midway and returned the bag. I don't think so any body can such kind of help.Thank you very much for your service.

Excellent Home Stay at Coorg

May 27, 2013 by Mahendran
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: May 

Last week we had been to Madikeri(coorg)and stayed in Abby homes which is at Madikeri. Gentleman Mr.Uthaiah made our stay very very comfortable . Whatever he is providing not just a service , step more than that like staying in the relative home. He is wionderful person and at the age of 63 he is very very active and provides according to our needs without any hestitation and I have never seen him getting angry . I really respective his involvement and activeness at this age . Also , he jogs daily in the morning 3.30 a.m . I wish him very very long life even I am not at close age to wish him. All of us in our family felt more comfort during the stay . I want to mention one more thing about his honesty .. While leaving we missed one of the hand bag and he called us in the half-way and walked to some distance and returned the bag to us. I don't think if we would have stayed in any other hotel bag would have been missed .Thanks Thank you very much for your wonderful service.

Superb triip to Coorg

Apr 18, 2013 by Laxmish
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: April 2013 

We 4 visited last week to coorg stayed at ABBI HOME STAY, it was wonderful place, very nice home stay , Nice gentel man Mr. Uthaiah " I am @ your service " is his mantra . food of our choice, vehical at reasonable price , arrangement for pickup and drop to bus station , guide !!!!!!!! Thanks a lot Sir ,

A very pleasant stay

Dec 26, 2012 by Pritha
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: December 

We visited Coorg during Christmas and had a very pleasant stay thanks to Mr Uthaiah's hospitality. We're 6 people and none of us ever felt any discomfort during our stay of 2 days. Our host was always there providing steaming hot and delicious food according to our choice. He was always there since early morning till late in the night attending to every little needs of ours. Thanks Mr uthaiah for providing us the best of home comforts during our stay in Abby's homestay.

Awesome place like home

Oct 08, 2012 by Disha
Visiting From: Bangalore • 
Visited In The Month Off: March 

awesome place n sweet uncle aunty.We loved the place as we were team of 14 people boys n gals n they provided us with all facilities ,love n care.Never had a experience like this before!

4.7 5.0 15 15 Visited abbi mid Feb for a 2 days short trip to coorg. Its more like a 4 bhk with hall and dining in the front, where Mr. Uthaiah, "who can also speak good hindi" has his dining an Abbi
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