Coorg River Rafting Trip

River Rafting at Coorg takes place at 2 Stretches of Rivers in Coorg. In North Coorg at Dubare River and in South Coorg at Barapole River.

  1. If you are staying at accommodation near and around North Coorg Locations(areas near and around Madikeri, Kushalnagar, Somwarpet, Suntikoppa, Siddapur, etc), then book the North Coorg(Dubare)River Rafting Trip
  2. If you are staying at any accommodation near and around South Coorg Locations(areas near and around Kutta, Gonicoppa, Ammathi, Ponnampet, Virajpet, etc), then book the South Coorg(Barapole) River Rafting Trip

Rafting Types & Seasons:

Still Water Rafting – Still water rafting happens after/before monsoon season, when the waters in the river are placid(water level is very low in the river). The season for still water rafting is open from 30th September to 15th July or before the on-set of Monsoons

Still Water Rafting

Still Water Rafting ( Just like rowing )

White Water Rafting – White water rafting happens during heavy monsoon and preceding months, when the waters are in full and rapid flow. The season for white water rafting is open from June to September.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Booking Process:
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Booking is Online and there are limited slots available for any given day and are available for booking on First Come, First Serve basis. Once you have made the booking, you will get a courtesy call from the staff at the River Rafting location and they will guide you with the directions to reach the place. Please note: You will have to arrange your own transport to reach the location.

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